The Team


Teammanager (Luka Bernardi) 

He is the leader of the team and reminds us of the rules and tasks. He documentates the project and he presents it.

„I want to make this job, because I want to take responsibility for such a big project.“.


Constructor (Leon Nagel)

He is responsible for the car. He plans it in Solide Edge and tests it in a virtual windtunnel.

„I am the constructor, because this job is the biggest fun.“


Productions  engineer (Joel Rebmann) He is responsible for the production of the car. He works close together with the constructor.

„I am making this job, because I want to help the whole group.“


Graphic Design (Julia Koch)

She designs the logo, the flyer, the presentation and the teamstall.

„I am making the graphic design, because it is fun to design everything for the team.“


Manager of ressources (Jonathan Marquardt)

He is  responsible for the search of sponsors.

„I make this job because I am good in taking  responsibility for the team.“


IT manager (Julian Schmoll)

He makes the website and the App.

„I make this job, because I am interested in designing websites and apps.“