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We have celebrated our sponsoring evening and used this chance to prepare our presentation. In the next days we will publish images.


We have shaped our car at the company honeywell.

01/11/2016: News of the week

Our teammanager visited Straßenbau Rebmann, Kochkisten, TS Team-Style and Kreativ-Gestaltung. Our constructor picked up our ball bearing at the company Faulhaber, and he’s working on the axis of our car now. Our manager of resources visited our donator SST. Our graphic designer worked on the portfolio and visited Straßenbau Rebmann.


We say thanks to the company Solid System Team for their donation.



01/05/16: Android App

Now we have an android app.GymkhanaBananaApp



Since today our news are available in English too.

12/22/15: Sponsors search:LogoHahn (3)

We say thanks to the company Hahn for the preparation of the drinks for the donator evening on 03/15/2016.

12/18/15: Search of sponsors:

200px-Ensinger_GmbH_Logo.svgWe say thanks to the company Ensinger for the preparation of our wheels.


12/12/15: Search of sponsors:

We met the company Solid System Team. They want to be our main sponsor.

12/15/15: Search of sponsors:Schropp

We say thanks to the company Schropp for their donation.

12/14/15: Service partner:

We say thanks to the company Faulhaber for the preparation of our ball bearings.Druck

12/12/15: Search of sponsors:

VeneziaWe say thanks to the company Venezia for the paintwork of our car.



12/07/15: Search of sponsors:

We say thanks to the company Faulhaber for their generous donation.Druck

12/01/15: Impressions:

11/30/15: Search of sponsors:Logo_Nagel_rgb

We say thanks to the company Nagel for their donation.


11/28/15: Development:

Our constructor has developed our car. Here is a 3D view.

11/26/15: Flyer

Our Flyer is finished now.

11/25/15: Our first car model:

Our constructor made a first model of our car. Here is a 3D view.

11/23/15: Cost scheme:

We made a cost scheme.


11/19/15: Team Images:

We made images of our team. Special thanks to Jörg Waldkönig and Top Fotografie.


11/16/15: Organisation:

We made a timetable. There are just 16 weeks until the competition.


In addition, we established a WhatsApp group and an online store. Now we can access our datas from every place.

11/09/15: Team Registrations

This year we have two F1 teams in Schönaich: